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Black Collaboration With White Privilege – Part 1: Dr. Naim Akbar


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  1. Fred Hampton did say this a very similar thing (e.g. "Brown power for brown people, Black power for Black people, white power for white people, yellow power for yellow people) ironically it was not seen at that time as a divise statement put so power that it drew disperate groups together. So power it got him killed. I am an anti-racist but not anti-white. White people have lost so MUCH in their own humanity they can not sit and listen to Tim Wise or a humble spirit like Dr. Akbar. Peace

  2. The discussion of who was a slave of who in what era of the time stream really gives no creed moral standing. I am just going to say it I am a non wealthy public school white single straight male I have no rights! Make no mistake I am the minority who everybody calls the enemy I have less rights Woman have more rights I am straight which makes me a gay basher if I don't agree with everything they want. Single is a tax screw that makes you not want to work. White people run the world not

  3. Statement like that make those of us white people who are not prejudice by skin wonder why until we remember there are more of you that aren't racist like there are more whites not racist then there are. Small minds start wars like you are so sweet and your history as a people is peaceful and with out incident and black tribes weren't selling blacks to the slave trade your innocent aren't you! Remember the Caves that was when white people as slaves was the Rave of the ancient world we learned!

  4. I just want to say it takes a lot to hate a whole race when all are guilty of it at some era or another. What I find hilarious though is if you bad mouth just one Jew you are labeled a racist of their whole race you are an anti-Semite if you disagree with anything. If there is a competition for who could be the most racist calling race on the Earth I would say the Jews! The wealthiest Man in the world is Rothschild Jewish family in Germany owns IMF World Bank. How do white people run the world?

  5. WHICH "jews" "run the world"? YEP THE WHITE ONES.. it is White people who are in control. Not Christians, not Jews, not Muslims, not atheists.. WHITE PEOPLE.. regardless of what religion they profess to practice.

  6. and there is absolutely no "Jewish" race.. Jews have never organized themselves into a race. The only purpose of organizing into a "Race" is to mistreat all who do not belong to the 'race" you have organized. The only group of people who have organized themselves into a RACE are the people who classify themselves as WHITE. That includes the White people calling themselves Jews.

  7. These same White people who call themselves "Jews" dominate, subjugate, mistreat and abuse the non-white people who also call THEMSELVES "JEWS" and these non-White Jews do not run or dominate any other group of people on the planet on the basis of color. THERE IS NO JEWISH RACE. There are only ONE body of Racists in the known universe and they are the WHITE SUPREMACISTS.

  8. What? Are you serious? Let's see every country out there is in Economic Collapse except as you put it white Israel. The Richest man in the world just happens to be of Jewish decent born in Germany and privately owns the IMF Bank they are known as the Rothschild. This Family also owns the Majority of the land of Israel & the other owner is the Rockefeller a Jewish family that arrived from Spain. Yep white people own the world or a different shade of white? So where did you get your info?

  9. So then there is no Judea Religion and no Israel and no people of Israel which is a Nation to control the world according to their religion that doesn't exist. It doesn't matter what country they are born in the blood is the value and you don't get it? That would mean there is no Islam because there is no Muslims I decided that just like you and maybe why we are at it you don't really exist either.

  10. So as a white man do you think I support this N.W.O. world government? I also noticed your comment from an earlier Post about the Queen of England being White you should research the Windsor family they are not the original Royal family of England and changed their name to Windsor after they took over they rescinded the decree of the real English King and allowed the Jews to return to England but hey they don't exist it is always whitey the MAN.

  11. I Can not debate that. I have no support for the Queen, the Rothschilds the Rockefellers nor the Vatican or the faith of Islam. I don't hate the Jewish people I am sick of hearing they are the chosen people of their LORD God big whoopee. I am sick of pointing at a rotten Jew and being called an anti-semite. Then we see eye to eye on the me and mine. I understand it was black people who taught me how to fight when I lived in a 98% black community. try to beat up whitey yet I'm not prejudice!

  12. 2
    on the other hand I won't come out and defend a white person who has done something wrong. I know wonderful people of color and my house is always open to them but I don't get upset or dejected if they are going out with their kindred in color and I am not invited. I don't think they are plotting against me or it's Black privilege night. I know nothing about this so called white privilege I understand the separation of the classes. That's Capitalism my friend not that I am a fan.

  13. So let me share some view points If Morgan Freeman ran for President he would have my vote why because he is a man beyond color. What do we get Obama who I am not even sure is Black. My issues with him have nothing to do with color but it seems to be a color thing if a white person says anything against him.
    from my perspective I am screwed there is no white Card. Gay's have a card minorities have a card women have more rights then a white single heterosexual male! So what white privilege?

  14. "white priviledge is the choice that most whites have over the common blacks" sounded good but didn't state a thing what choice over common blacks?
    Exactly how does my so called white privilege or choice over common black people relate to Patriarch dominance of the Matriarch? So who is your best guess of the who that don't want any peace on this Earth. As for common black man you know that's not thugs right we all have thugs in our ranks like it or not agreed?

  15. White priviledge is never having to worry about not having an apartment rented to them based on skin color, or having someone at a retail outlet following you around..thinking that you will steal an item..white priviledge is having the benefit of someone handing down property that was given to them by way of free land sometime in the late 1800's, or not having to study very hard….And still being accepted at a college of their choice…..whites know what i am saying…..

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