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Barack Obama PRAISES Malcolm X (1995)

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In this amazing 20th September 1995 speech, a young Barack Obama reads from his memoir ‘Dreams from My Father’ and describes the influence that MALCOLM X had on his life.

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(This video is for educational purposes only and displayed under the Fair Use provision of the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107.)


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  1. Y'all ready for this?

    The WASPs – WHITE ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANTS in colonian times in America had more WHITE IRISH slaves than they did BLACK AFRICAN slaves – they got them for nothing from bastards like Cromwell. But the WHITE IRISH slaves fought their chains & their slave masters and made life hard & dangerous for the WASPs.
    That is why they started BUYING BLACK AFRICAN slaves, because the BLACKS were docile.

    Muhammad Ali's Great Grand Daddy was IRISH!

    Ali shamed his Great Grand Daddy by not using his name, ABE GRADY, when he changed his name!

    He took the names of two of the greatest BLACK slavers in the world – Muhammad and his son-in-law Ali!

    For 1400 years, MUSLIM ARABS have been enslaving BLACKS & they are still doing it today!


  2. THIS MAN SHOULD DISGUST YOU TO THE MAX…What a liar!! "As I follow Malcom's calling"?????? Are you friggin' kidding me? I wish i had a chance to end this man's life on live global television!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGGGGH

  3. You can never compare Malcolm X with Obama. Malcolm was light years above him and still holds that status. Both of these men may have had the same roots, however their paths as of now clearly differ.

  4. It don't matter.. the point is he would never belittle his own people. The same as yall don't belittle christopher Columbus. He was a mass murderer. And yall gave him a holiday. They did nothing in baltimore. That america hasn't done for hundreds of years. And still til this day. So please miss me with your reply. That has nothing to do with what I've stated

  5. Please tell me that this guy is not trying to study or compare his life to Brother Malcolm X. we no Malcolm father was born in the US and killed by the kkk, so this dude is a Gamer playing all kinds of fake rolls a real Acter ,if you know what a play acter is.

  6. if only barrack would shut the fuck up,
    only then, the world would be pleasant.
    what is he talking about?
    he just belongs in the same line as all those so called black leaders when he actually is a diversion synthesized to abbarate black people off their course of self -recovery because that would keep the white guy on respite until he achieves eternal domination of blacks.

    i ma desperate and in severe need of hearing barrack obama shut the fuck up.

  7. @bigfranco1 thAnks very much for d answer I hope d black,d white, latino or any other racist will not hurt or kill Obama the way they kill mAlcolm x, dr Martin Luther king, John f Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and some of this popular leaders, politician and individual in America and around d world am not a racist am only racist to someone that is racist to me according to many claims and report JFK, dr Martin Luther king ,abrahm lincoln and Malcolm x were killed by d same bad one out of American Police men in uniform who are ment to be protecting them some says is fidel Castro of Cuba who order d deAth of John f Kennedy whichever one is true its very hard to know but only GoD or those people that kill some of this men knows even d white racist that were arrested for planning to kill president obama are probably still in jail or on the run now nobody is totAlly save in this world but some individual leave saver live than the others many people that order d death or d killings of others as also been found dead themselves after commiting there crimes it is very sad that many individual and even some individual such as bouncers, police ,security guards and even criminals have no respect for themselves, d law and a lot of people that they should be protecting its sad that a low rank army officer or a police can rob at gun point civilian and even rich men carrying out there day to day business in some part of d world just because they can't protect themselves properly very sad.some of d bastard men or women who are disgrace to d army or police force needs to be investigated and if found guilty face the sack or many years in jail or other consequences instead of them disrespecting or disgracing the uniform they put on

  8. This is the intonation, hand movements, facial expressions and mannerisms that we have come to know so well. But, today at 54 the fire in his belly is gone, the Liberal socialist that he was has been changed. It's what Washington and power does to all who enter that dark side experience.

  9. how dare this house nigga mention malcolm x. obama is not fit to even lace the shoes of the legend malcolm x. he dedicated his life to bring justice and equality where as this clown just does what his white masters tell him

  10. some fool made a statement and said slavery is over!! Really, you better wake up holmes, its still alive and rolling. If one thinks its over they are blind and definitely have the mind of a house nigga!

  11. Isn't everyone that surrounds Obama dead? His so called fake daddy, Malcolm X, his mom, his white grandma, his Kenyan grandma or whatever.? I want the truth to be told and a book written about it because if you don't look at this video and just hear it you will think it's Malcolm X speaking. Like father, like son. Malcolm wasn't half white though right, but he did have white blood in him?

  12. WHO KILLED MALCOLM X? HIS OWN PEOPLE, NOT WHITE PEOPLE REMEMBER THAT when you take up for those Muslims and they turn on you because you are supposedly half white, which I'm starting to doubt and am now thinking you made that up so you would be elected President.

  13. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT SEE THAT MALCOLM X IS OBAMA'S DADDY? Malcolm X lived a block away from Obama's mom and they went to the same exact college at the same exact time and there is no such thing as a coincidence. Bunch of BULLSHIT! If Malcolm ain't his daddy then maybe that white lady wasn't his momma and he only pretended she was so he could pretend to be a citizen of the US and thought more people were likely to vote for him if he was half white. NO I"M NOT RACIST, because my kids are Mulatto (half black & half white) just like Obama.

  14. Where did he attend school? I thought it was like in Indonesia or something, how can he be our President when he is not even a US Citizen? That's why they sealed his birth certificate, why else would they? Give me one good reason? So EVERYTHING he has done as President should be null and void because he is NOT an American.

  15. Barak Obama is Malcolm X's son. Obama, "Even as I imagine myself following Malcolm's call' Every son really wants to be like his father. That was a radical statement for Obama to make. And he also looks like Malcolm X. But it was the documentary information, that was put together on this topic, that really put everything about those two, together for me. Malcolm X did become the President of america, through his son Malcolm X.

  16. You're a Political chump comparing Malik Shabazz to Oboozo. Oboozo created the highest Black Unemployment since the Great Depression in Barry's second term. Trump much better reflects Malcolm X positions than Oboozo ever would.

  17. my ppl plz lets come together we need to find away to to unite we cant wait for change we have to take it with peace learn how to do for ourselves..if theres anyone who feel the same way or if there's any African Americans with any trades whos willing to help education our youth to prepare them for the future plz contact me

  18. Malcom X ,(Malcom Little, I see why he changed his last name) ,was an inspiring individual that showed White America the pain of the legacy of anti-Black racism.

    And a lot has transpired since then… Today there's still plenty of sorry-ass/ low self esteem individuals that want to blame racism for their failures in life, here in the land of plenty to eat, with a Black President.
    Just like the follies of the little rich boy-Clown President, GW Bush led to the rise of the man-child President, Barack Obama.
    The utter incompetence, corruption and lack of patriotism by Obama led to the people electing Donald Trump to clean up the mess that had become our Federal Government.

  19. Contrary to the popular lie the Israelite Bible is not a Christian book, nor were the followers of  Yahusha the Negro Messiah Christians (but Israelite who were called Christians-Acts 11:26), nor is there any Christian doctrine written in the Israelite Bible. Furthermore, contrary to the popular lie the Khazar’s (imposter Jews), Canaanite (whites) and Edomites (the caucasians whites) are not the Jews or any members of the 12 Tribes and their pagan invention of Judaism (Judaism was invented at the Council of Mainz Germany 1000 AD like Christianity was invented by the Romans pagans at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD) has no relations with Negro Jews from the tribe of Judah. Genesis 15:13-14 prophecy relates to the Israelite captivity in the Americas (New Egypt which is the house of bondage) and not ancient Egypt.Therefore, the Children of Israel (descendant of slaves) are Yahua’s chosen people according the Bible and they would be identified by the prophecy of 400 years of slavery & oppression in a strange land among strange people.

  20. Is this all niggers think about all day long? how they are hard done by by the white man?
    Go back to africa then and fight a lion for your dinner , or get killed by some other black asshole because you are not in their tribe or religion.
    worn out your credibility mother fucker .

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