Baltimore Black Cop Murdered With His Own Gun Just 1 Day Before Testifying Police Corruption: Commissioner Says “No Conspiracy.”

Report: As the investigation into the murder of Baltimore Police Det. Sean Suiter continues, it was revealed during a press conference held by Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis on Wednesday evening that Suiter was shot with his own gun and the detective was set to testify in a police corruption case the next day.
Suiter was gunned down on Nov. 15 in West Baltimore while conducting a follow-up on a homicide investigation. The 18-year veteran officer sustained a close-contact gunshot wound to the head. I 100% believe the black policemen #SeanSuiter was murdered by someone connected to the corruption case. My theory is they have gotten some civilian who had been incarcerated or trying to beat his case and told him to do this to maybe get some time off his sentence. It’s very known that sometimes the FBI will get scapegoats to do ugly “jobs” for them and almost assure them if they take the fall , then they’ll be able to get them out of jail or maybe only get them a few months….This murder sounded like an ambush meaning his partner has something to do with it , directly or indirectly.

Reaction As New Details Released In Investigation Of Slain Baltimore Detective

With a staggering homicide rate, attacks in some of the City’s safest neighborhoods and now with the brazen killing of a police detective, many wonder if this is the tipping point.

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