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    2 Suspects Charged in Death of Tenn. Teen who Protected Friends from Gunfire 

    Two suspects have been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Zaevion William Dobson, a Tennessee high schooler who jumped on top of his friends and shielded them from gunfire, saving their lives, CNN reports. Christopher Bassett and Richard Williams both face multiple other charges, including the attempted murder of eight other people and […] More

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    UK Report Says African Children ‘Could Make Up Half The World’s Poor By 2030’

    /86823367/AA_Post_728x90_BelowTitle A UK-based think-tank has come out with a report saying that African children will make up nearly half the world’s poorest people by 2030 unless current trends in the continent are reversed. See Also: It Is Not Enough To Pray, But To Walk The Talk – Nigeria Prays Project The report paints a concise picture […] More

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    Why On-Again, Off-Again Relationships Never Work

    Shutterstock On-again,off-again relationships are usually doomed to failure. You hear the hopeful — and rare — tales of people being on in their young, college years, off for most of their twenties, finding each other again in their early thirties, going back off and reconnecting later in life thinking all hope is not lost. That a […] More

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    Let White Leaders Defend Institutional Racism; Let Black Leaders Defend Black Lives

    If one looks and listens closely, black reform advocates and charter leaders are responding to the mythology that black people don’t want charter schools or reform in general. For most black folk, however, not liking reform equates to not liking institutional racism, which impacts our communities no matter how many black and brown people an organization hires. […] More

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    Manchester By the Sea Trailer: Amazon’s First Oscar Bait

    The company shelled out $10 million for director Kenneth Lonergan Sundance hit—and now it’s giving the movie a limited release in November. The post Manchester By the Sea Trailer: Amazon’s First Oscar Bait appeared first on WIRED. More

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