Another Star Destroy’s The 76ers:Bron

Another Star Destroy’s The 76ers


Jan 10 The Cleveland Cavs played the 76ers, Lebron destroyed them with 37 points 9 assist and 7 rebounds. Showcasing that he can still do it all. When the rockets played the 76ers Harden had 50 points 8 rebounds and 9 assist. Old Man Wade even brought his A game for the young 6ers giving them 27 points 4 ast and 7 rebounds. Paul George even had to add insult to injury with 34 points 5 assist and 8 rebounds. Hustle Westbrook began the year with a triple double against the 76ers with 21 points 11 assist and 17 rebounds. Its safe to say if you want a triple double get it in Philadelphia. Next up Chicago


Watch the Bron Highlights above.

Who do you think had the best performance?


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