Alton Sterling Killed By Cops After Selling Music At Store.

Alton Sterling killed by La. cops after selling music at store.

Louisiana cops shot and killed a 37-year-old man selling music outside a Baton Rouge convenience store following an altercation early Tuesday spurred by an anonymous caller claiming the shooting victim was armed.

The police gunfire sparked impassioned protests outside the store hours after authorities shot Alton Sterling during a fatal encounter at around 12:35 a.m., especially after cell phone video of the brutal killing surfaced.

A witness captured video of an officer holding his duty gun inches from his body before opening fire. The cop fired multiple shots after he another officer stunned Sterling, tackled him to the hood of a car and threw him to the pavement.



“He’s got a gun,” one of the officers then yelled while pinning Sterling to the ground.
A cop was seen on video using a stun gun on Sterling before the shooting.
The terrified witness turned the camera phone away as the second officer grabbed his sidearm and pointed it at Sterling, but the audio continues to record as at least five gunshots rang out at the shop. Sterling died at the scene. Although it appears the officer pointed the firearm close to Sterling’s head, the Advocate reports Sterling suffered at least two gunshots to his chest and back.


Baton Rouge authorities said their officers were called to the Triple S. Food Mart after a report of a man, who was selling CDs, threatening the caller with a gun. The deadly police encounter ensued as the officers confronted Sterling. The officers were wearing body cameras during the shooting, but the recording devices apparently came loose and were dangling from their uniforms during the incident, the Advocate reported, citing Baton Rouge police spokesman Cpl. L’Jean McKneely said.

Police also confiscated surveillance footage from the store.

Louisiana allowed weapon owners to open carry without a permit as long as they’re an adult and not felons.



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