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#AllLivesMatter Activists! Where are you?


Here we are yet again, the year is 1857. Wait, no it is 1964. Wait, no it’s a new day in age! It’s 2016! We don’t see color! Racism is but a figment of our imagination. So many advancements have made its way into our GREAT nation – WE have elected a Black President! So much to be gracious for! Says the color-blinded sheep living amongst us. Prove to us, show us where systemic oppression and social injustices against African-Americans have been eliminated. It is obvious no value to the Black Life is considered.

Tamir. Sandra. Kendrick. Trayvon. Eric. Many others…

Now Brother Alton.

Black Lives Matter was initiated to bring the brutal injustices to the forefront against African-American people in America. And then Massa himself with that #AllLivesMatter rhetoric came whipping us down. Establishing division and strangle-holding the fabric of African-Americans’ strongest intangible – our voice. Our voice of concern, reason, empathy. Yet as we see an unarmed Black Man is killed in this country every 28 hours, there is one particular protesting entity absent in the plight of black men and women. You guessed it, All Lives Matter? Where are you? We get killed on TV – you aren’t there. Instead you chastise us. Vilify the slain as thugs and monsters, dehumanizing the human being. You want no justice. You want no peace. Your actions prove you hold the Black life invaluable.

You promote HUMANITY

But are nowhere to be found when OUR very humanity is jeopardized.

#AllLivesMatter You continue to critique Black reactions to senseless injustice, yet bite that privileged tongue when it is time to critique constant oppression.

As Jesse Williams said, “Sit down.”

Move out of the way if you refuse to help.

Because you, yes you, are apart of the problem.

Tread lightly brothers and sisters. Tread lightly…

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