African Americans: STOP believing Christianity

Pastor explains why African Americans and more will STOP believing in Christianity after this! Its so so true! Stop being asleep sheep and WAKE UP! “Its hard to compare a bucket of Truth, with a hand full of Faith” Wake Up Black People! Read: 1 Corinthians 15:14 Watch this video and share!


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  1. Muslims are devil worshipers! They are using the Taqiyya(lying like the devil, their father!) to propagate their satanic religion!!
    They are ALL going to hell! The only solution for all Muslims to go to heaven and have now already an eternal life is to accept
    Jesus Christ as their Savior, Jesus is the only true God! All the rest is fake! The Bible is the only TRUE WORD of God! The Qur'an is a terrible book of Satan, made by men and full of hate…Allah is the devil himself, the most Deceiver of all and all attributes/names of Allah in the Qur'an are exactly the names of Satan in te Bible!



    READ JOEL 3:4-9





  3. Anyone preaching and teaching a "Jesus" who is not The True Christ, because that could not have been his name based on the fact that there is no letter J in either the Hebrew or the Greek languages, is teaching something which is not a part of The True Word of God! There is Christ, the Savior of sinful mankind but His name is not Jesus. His name is "Yahawahshi".

  4. Christians don't even know that the Jesuits of the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath Day to SUNday. The Sabbath is sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. Saturday is the last day of the week not the first day. SUNday with sun in caps is worshiping the sun. Sunday is the first day of the week just look at your changed Gregorian Calendars. Sunday is always the first day of the week on calendars. They are breaking the fourth commandment of honoring the Sabbath Day by having it on the first day of the week SUN(worship of the sun)day. All the days of the week are named after "gods." Holidays are all satanic in origin. Christmas being the largest holiday celebrated by Christians and New Years. Christmas trees therefore Christmas is a VAIN CUSTOM of the people – Joshua 10:2-4. Don't know why that isn't read in churches. Don't take my word for it research to find out the truth for yourselves or stay lost if you want.

  5. I can not understand why only black folks want to go all out and undermine Christ. If you don't believe in the Bible why don't you tell us what you believe in. Since you can't see Jesus or God but you can see a napkin you have more faith in that object. I see you talking, sweating, and breathing. I don't see the air, words, or where that water is coming from on your face and neck. God bless

  6. we as blacks need to read more and believe less we must ask who gave us these religions? then go out and find the truth and live with it non of this Bible is real read history books the Bible nor quran is a history book.

  7. we as blacks need to read more and believe less we must ask who gave us these religions? then go out and find the truth and live with it non of this Bible is real read history books the Bible nor quran is a history book.

  8. I hope I can help you here. I want to help you because I left "Church" many years ago because after being raised in this mess and continuing into adulthood, I found that "Church" is not the place to worship the Most High whose true name is Yahuah. "Church" is not the place to worship Christ whose true name is Yahusha. The deceit here is how the Roman Catholics interpreted the names of our ancestors when this is illegal. Even if a person spoke a foreign language the proper name would remain the same. Here are the facts: Jehovah means "Je…any god or God but not the Most High. Hovah means "Ruin, destroy, etc. so this means "a god or God of ruin, destruction" so when you call Yahuah, Jehovah, you are saying that He is not your Father at all. The name "Jesus" is not 500 years old. It was made up by the Harlot in Scarlet (Rev), the Catholics. They did this to cause you to call upon Zeus, which is the meaning of that name.

    Many of you do not believe in the Bible and it is not our fault. The Bible is FUBU, for us and written by us. I say this because, if you go online to Torah Institute and purchase a Bible that has not been tampered with, you will see all the correct names of all the Prophets, the Disciples, all of our ancestors such as Kings and other men and women of the Most High.

    If you purchase the books which were deliberately removed so that you would not know who you really are (and you are NOT AFRICAN), then you would know that you are the CHOSEN and set-apart people of Yahuah. This is not racism, it is what it is. We were chosen even before Abram/Abraham was born and we are here for a specific purpose of "seasoning the arets (earth) or spreading the knowledge of the NAME and LAWS given to our ancestor Moses to the many nations of this planet which….by the way, is not a globe but a disk surrounded by a wall of ice. All of this is found i your history book that you call the Bible.

    Even Adolf Hitler stated that America's top big lie and deception is the fact that they stole the TRUE JEWS and enslaved them/us. He even commissioned a video to explain and illustrate this. Before you stop believing in your Highest Power who created you, PLEASE study and stop listening to these lying "preachers" in these SUN temples dedicated long ago to Nimrod.Even the tithe has nothing to do with money. The tithe was and is meant to care for our poor among Judah. Judah is the tribe that the Africans sold to the Jesuits/Catholics and were taken first to Europe…this is where you get your gladiators…today football players and other sports. America holds Judah…the King's tribe because from our tribe came Yahusha (Christ). YES! Christ did in fact die and was resurrected by our Father. however Rome did not use crosses they used stakes. The cross is a symbol of the SUN god Nimrod.Study and see all the deceit created by Rome, the fake Jews, and Edom/Caucasians who will find out too late that they have cast their lot in with the enemies of the Most High.They can only be saved by accepting Yahusha and obeying the SAME LAWS that we are commanded to obey. After all, they are from a son of Jacob also.


  9. If anyone believes that Christianity is the religion of White people guess again.
    The African people in the Red Sea region modern day Egypt, Eritrea & Ethiopia were Christian before the European. There are churches & monasteries over thousand years old in Egypt & Abyssinia ( Ethiopia & Eritrea ).
    The European who converted to Christianity hundreds of years later after the Middle Eastern & Africans made the religion their own. Jesus Christ was made a blue eyes & blonde hair White man by European Kings & their churches to advance their agenda that White people are superior and they have the devine right to rule overall other people. History is written by the victors. KNOW YOUR HISTORY MY BROTHER.

  10. Ray Hagin is actually saying that Jesus Christ never existed. I wonder now what is his ministry all about? Is it debunking christianity? You cannot have christianity without a christ.

  11. Black people, DON'T BE AFRAID of HELL, it doesn't exist, that firely place is made up by the Cat-Holic(cat addicts) church to scare a hell out of us, when you stop being afraid, then the truth will come to you.

  12. This dude took this verse (Corinthians 15-14/15-20) "14 And if Christ has not been raised, then all our preaching is useless, and your faith is useless." to say that Jesus is not real and never existed. But, very selectively left out this verse" 20 But in fact, Christ has been raised from the dead. He is the first of a great harvest of all who have died." Christianity is an African religion that is rooted in Ethiopia the first kingdom and birthplace to mankind. WTF is this charlatan talking about? Don't believe in Jesus, but believe in what? who? this preacher? WTF!

  13. The Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with much less presenting the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic Church presents a very watered down Gospel. The real Gospel is this: Christ came to die for our sins, was buried and then rose again. By he way He is coming again. The gentleman preaching here is definitely preaching another Gospel which is deluding many folks. He should consider I Corinthians 15:51-54. When Jesus Christ comes again, this is what will happen to genuine believers at the moment of His appearing. Sorry to say that this gentleman like many others who have been deceived by a different Gospel will be left behind to face Hell on Earth(The Tribulation Period). There are proofs of His resurrection in the scriptures so how can this gentleman quote 1 Corinthians 15:14 and say that Jesus did not rise? He should have followed through reading Chapter 15 to it's completion.

  14. Wow. This is by far the most uneducated, infantile theatrical drivel I've seen on the topic. I have no issue with contesting the validity of Christianity but seriously this guy can't even get his Wikipedia references right. African Americans deserve better intellectual atheist than this guy.

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