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African Americans Are Not From Africa? NAAIPi Founder Says No We Are Indigenous Aborigines = Indians


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  1. Africa is a latin word used to desribe the people in Rome. The roman general who fort againt Hannabel of Carthaginian was the called the Scipio Africanus. Scipio Africanus who was a roman general who fort against Hannibal. Some how after the defeat of Hannible the people of Carthage had their name change to African. Please wake up and stop calling dark and brown people Africans. The European is the real African, so find out who you are.

  2. You cannot hide the truth in the Age of Aquarius because it is knowing. Age of Pisces was about belief which was how native people all over the world got tricked. Beliefs are nothing because they can be clouded by emotions. Knowing is direct knowledge from Divinity and is never wrong. The word black is a legal status of no rights and chattel property. Blacks refer to themselves as black so they have no rights. White means you have rights. Pink skins can legally slaughter us under this trickery. It is all legalese of the pink skin invaders and occupiers. We are not black. Black is a color. Are we crayons? The karma must be paid for what they have done and we all know what that means. They will never pay what is owed and return our land. That means they must die…..all of them. When you are stripped of your dark melanin by God it means the Sun hates you and hence burns your skin because you are not supposed to be on this planet. It started in 1619 and now 400 years later the total solar eclipses are marking the beginning of the end for the pink skins. You can see it happening already. They had a choice. They made the wrong ones……….every single time.

  3. Your ignorance is embarrassing lol. I learnt as a kid that simi – literacy was a dangerous thing, you are a living embodiment of this phrase. You are misguided and misguiding impressionable people. I can only presume another reason for your ignorances is self hatred. Unfortunately for you, your genetics are written all over your face. If you are brave enough to do a DNA test, I am positive that you'll find that you are between 65% to 85% of African decent and less than 5% native American (and I am being optimistically generous here). No amount of hair straightening, weave wearing, bleaching or plastic surgery will distort the results of the test.

    It would be simple to hate you for spreading this xenophobic nonsense against Africans. However I suppose that the more progressive stance is understanding that you have arrived at this present point of view due to a heritage of over 400yrs of abuse. And like those who suffer from the "Stockholm Syndrome" you have identified with your abusers i.e. the caucasians who ironically still reject you. Consiquently, African Americans associate themselves with Egypt, the Hebrew Israelites with the tribe of Judah and you also align yourself to the native Americans who do not publicly associate themselves with the black Americans…smh.

    Through the centuries of abuse, African Americans have lost their culture and with it they lost their language, traditional beliefs, names and now you have lost your god damned minds. Therefore pity is possibly the best way to describe my emotions towards the lost sheep of the flock who are out there searching for greener pastures. Lol.

  4. From Mama Africa spread all over many millions of years before our overstanding but with all due respect to the Red man it's fine to speak about some of us being in AmeriKKKa longer then previously thought. Now this land will be cleansed of wickedness and while this takes place we should leave here.

  5. Dumb US negroes!!!! Your women have been wearing straight hair weaves for too long. Now you actually believe that it's their real hair and that Pocahontas is your grand mama!

  6. AMER'ICAN, adjective Pertaining to America.

    AMER'ICAN, noun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. Webster's Dictionary 1828 – Online Edition

  7. To those that have been asking me about this video…..Well, this information is very FLAWED! How in the fuck are you going to say "I am Timothy Drew" then say "I don't know what a Moor is"? This silly ass nigga don't have a fucking clue. Anyone suing the "Department of Commerce" is a got damn fool! Let me know when this guy wins a "settlement"….LOL!…Oh, that will NEVER happen! Good effort, but WRONG execution!


  9. there was some black folk here in the USA in ancient times but if you are sure your just African why do they respond differently to you, why do you look different, and are you sure? what nation in world history fits Deuteronomy 28 then! then read Psalms 83 and you know what happened really break those two down and think about it.

  10. remember shemites look like Ethiopians, they took their wives from Ethiopia, Egypt, and Shem! so of course Hebrews will be of color. wake up! the birthstones we put in our babies ears are our Levite priest chest plate he wears around his neck

  11. People stop even entertaining the assertion that black people aren't native in America. We are aboriginal to every land mass on this planet. Going all the way back to Pangaea.

  12. Lol, Hebrew Israelites are wrong because you're not taking into account that some of the tribes you seek are extinct or thoroughly mixed into mexicans, Aztecs, native americans, etc. You list those groups as your brothers when actually they helped exterminate your brothers.

  13. it is so unfortunate that our people still don't know who they really are. I am indigenous to Belize. I have seen the Olmec heads in on the Maya mountains in Belize. I know they ( the Africans )were there before the Spaniards (Columbus) , and before the Brits that came after. Many of us in the Americas know our heritage. It's you the American "Negro" that has to wake up so we can all take our rightful place among the nations. We are all brothers under the sun, yet i know American "his-story" is a lie. They made it up and deceived the world as revealed in prophecy.

  14. @ Sekhmet 13.. Do not allowed those among us appropriation of Indian legacy.. Hebrew… Damn, do you want to be link Zionism.. If you perpetrate the theft of Palestine.. You are inviting those who would attempt to stop you.I ain't relating to no Indian… Africa is my home too. These brother is cooking the books.

  15. Look this up…So over 3 million ship wrecks under water. And there is proof Europeans brought many horses to The Americans… There were some horses here however they bred many not all horses together. Africans were brought here to the Americas and have differently body types overall than the natives here. PEACE.

  16. K2b is the ancestor Y haplogroups of P1 Q and R1. The Aeta Negritos and Papua New Guinean peoples are K2b. Australians have P1 and Guidon states that all skeletal remains older than 7,500 years old are African Melanesian Australian South India Negritos in phenotype.

    Mongolians didn't cross until after 7,500 years ago when tend Bering Strait could be traversed as land.

    Siberians are Mongolians also linked to the Yamanaya culture from Central Asia. None of you pale skinned people are native to America.

  17. My family is Native American, my father is sometimes mistaken for being black though. I think some of us simply look similar, and that is the extent of this. idk it seems like such a conspiracy-themed claim, just sort of humorous. However for full transparency I admit I am not watching the entirety of this video, I simply know my people's DNA is unique to this land, yet separate from that of "Africans".

  18. This gentleman is posing with all these illuminati hand signals all in the beginning if this video. He's a fake, an agent. He's perpetuating the brainwashing. All of these YouTube narrators are agents of the beast and you have be able to decifer the truth mixed in with lies. Typically they are promoting fake dna testing. I have yet to here of anyone receiving land or money except the $5 Indians or white people. This guy is a charlatan.

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