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  1. @ZforChaos im white, i say that stuff with all respect, im sure you all are fellow revolutionaries, and thats why im saying that stuff to you all, i wouldnt say it to just anyone.

  2. @rfe8nn2 In that case then we are some of the nicest goddamn racists in existence. No nation has lost it's power, diamonds, health and consciousness behind our supposed racism. Can't say the same for other racist can you?

  3. @Raybanmonster LOL!! That's because the black civilizational crisis is fascinating. I enjoy making wry-but-accurate comments, because I know they carry truth. Blacks are frankly idiotic in their assessment of the world. There's a certain degree of poignancy to it, but one can only carry the sympathy so far. Because there is also a highly toxic degree of wilfulness, a refusal to be rational, honorable or solutions-oriented. The slavery experience really curtailed your mental world.

  4. @Raybanmonster 150 years after slavery (and longer, in Europe), blacks still suffer the psychological cultural damage. This causes all the socioeconomic problems that characterize black communities–in the US, at least. I firmly believe that, immediately following slavery, blacks did NOT need "40 acres and a mule." They would've squandered it anyway, frankly. What blacks REALLY needed was comprehensive treatment and training–on how to handle freedom productively. There's still time.

  5. @Raybanmonster Well, then hopefully my comments will spur you to consider hosting workshops for blacks on how to start and run their own businesses. Maybe you do something like this already. I don't know to what extent middle-class, entrepreneurial and educated blacks reach out to their struggling brethren. But it doesn't seem like it happens nearly enough. Other cultures do it as a matter of course. But what we hear, anyway, is blacks generally don't. Is this true?

  6. @Raybanmonster You "design software solutions"? Hah! Blacks can't even design solutions to bring their failing race up to First World standards. The fact is, blacks have not yet transcended primal savagery, ignorance and subsistence living. It's long been painfully obvious that there's NO WAY blacks can compete with Asians and whites in a thinking world. Frankly, I'm more impressed with the inexhaustible white resolve to treat blacks considerately, like endlessly indulgent parents.

  7. @diyonisha And likewise, I'm very courteous to blacks. All I'm saying is, blacks took the Faustian Bargain–they accepted entitlement-thinking and reliance on government and white largesse, at the expense of developing black self-reliance. So now blacks get an institutionalized leg-up on everything from Federal assistance programs to special admissions standards for prep schools and universities. Blacks are handled like "special needs" when they shouldn't be. Blacks should have more pride.

  8. @rfe8nn2 There's good and bad aspects to all emotions. If we don't show emotions we'll go insane. Hate can and has provoked change. Hate is no more dangerous than love. Love can make you stupid. Loving your enemy will get you killed. Hate your enemy because it will make you take action. If we don't get angry about the Black situation in America and in the world then nothing will ever change. The problem has to be realized. We have to express our emotions about it and then make changes.

  9. @rfe8nn2 "…the idea that one people must take over another …"
    Blacks have never had a desire to take over White people. We just, for the most part, don't want them where we live. Why? Well, take a look around. Everywhere you see integration, you also will find "hoods" and ghettos. Where there's less integration you see Blacks succeeding and being more productive (ie Atlanta, Georgia- one of the most segregated cities in America, has the highest rate of Black graduates + marriages)

  10. @rfe8nn2 We just don't work well together. Martin Luther King was wrong and he himself even admitted to it. He said from his own mouth:
    "I fear that I am integrating my people into a burning house (America)"
    He knew before he died that his integration speech would be more damaging to Blacks than if he had never given the speech at all. Now many of us are integrated and have lost all culture, contracted the AIDS/HIV made for us, the cocaine (courtesy of CIA + weak minds like Ricky Ross).

  11. @thehashmaster666 That part is true, normatic tribes been doing that for years, one tribe takes in prisoners from another and at times sell them to foreginers for trading perpouses only.

  12. @GozzyWozzy

    I was talking more about west,central and southern black Africans.I know some west Africans developed writing especially after European contact. I don't know of none that developed a pre-European contact indigenous writing system that allows you to trace their history through their writing. Again this is why historical info on these Africans is limited. Most Africans in west Africa recorded their historical info orally with the use of griots.

  13. @GozzyWozzy

    I looked that up. It was said that Mandombe was created in 1978. That's after European contact. My point was about there not being any pre-colonial indigenous African writing systems in west,central and southern Africa that could be used to track their history. Again most black Africans before European contact recorded their history orally. Writing systems in west Africa came after European contact like the Vai script.

    Bullshit. Freedom of movement. Everyone should be allowed to live wherever they want. Africans should be allowed to live in Europe, and Europeans allowed to live in Africa.

    There is no such thing as "illegal aliens".

  15. @GozzyWozzy

    People in Timbuktu were using Arabic writing not any indigenous west African writing. So those books were probably written in Arabic. I've heard of the Nok culture but I'am not aware of that culture developing writing.

  16. @GozzyWozzy

    Yeah I know Nubians developed writing. I'am not saying no Black Africans developed writing. It's that those in west,central and southern Africa didn't develop the type of writing that allows historians to trace their history using their writing as records. This is why it's hard to know the full history of the Yoruba people before European contact for example. We have to rely on oral history for the Yoruba before Europeans because they don't have written historical records.

  17. they are many script in Africa tho many of them are sacred and kept secret like in my home town in Nigeria… it is very secret and sacred and no one in the world knows about it except we the descendant

  18. it would be the same as the americas to the native americans lol, they're the whites(which technically arabs are semitic and semitic is mediterran white) and native americas would be like black ppl.

  19. Clarke was referring to current day populations of Africa and not ancient populations. The Berber people who aren't black or Arab have been in north Africa since ancient times. So even in ancient times the African continent wasn't totally populated by black Africans soley.

  20. lol Semitic = Jews and Arabs( and in some cases Berbers). and ur right. It's only 3 primary races. Everybody else is a mixture. Whites and Orientals are coming from ape-like people, the Neanderthal (thus the str8 hair). Humans do not possess fur(or str8 hair)

  21. Nsibidi is more of a symbolic pictographic writing system that deals with expressing ideas or concepts. It still doesn't allow you to track the history of the people who developed it through written records which again was my main point. Can you read Nsibidi to know what was going on in Ejagham society back in the 1600's for example?

  22. It's not a matter of capability, but of actuality. There simply was nothing much in the way of civilization in black Africa aside from Cush. They were, in fact, some of the most primitive societies on earth, hence this desire to claim Egypt as a black African society when it wasn't.

  23. Another mental puerile clicking to the relics of ignorance & racial folklore.Kush,Axum,Mali,Songhai,Dogon,Great Zimbabwe these great civilizations had massive Clay & Stone structures. These civilizations had agriculture and traded in salt,gold,ivory,silks.Hypothetically speaking Iets say that Egypt was White.Kush a black civilization crush the predominate white empire of that age.The implications of that is huge even to this present day. 25th dynasty was black Nubian that's a fact deal with it.

  24. you sir are a buffoon hoe can you say that about black people the fact is Asians and Whites have highly developed countries with good economies and have never had another race attack them destroy their civilisation steal their resources and constantly create wars in their countries to stop their progress. black people do not have any country to back them up or than they can fall back too because even all Africa nations are controlled by the white who installed a president who obeys his orders

  25. you sound really uneducated sir if you want to discredit the black Egyptians about the north african civilisation then what do you have to say about the west african empire of ghana which existed in the same period as Egypt. Africans were not primitive has you say and were the creators of the greatest civilisations on the planet please get your facts right as there many more empires in africa with astonishing civilisations along the nile river as well as the niger river.

  26. I don't want to discredit the "black Egyptians." I'm saying they weren't black. They weren't. As for Ghana, there were probably only a small number of people living there during the time of ancient Egypt, and there has never been a great civilization there. It was quite primitive. About the most to come out of it were some terra cotta sculptures. Don't exaggerate African societies to levels of advancement they didn't have.

  27. you sir are a fool ghana was called the gold coast and was one of the richest empires at its the time which used to trade many things but was known for its gold a civilization where the kings horse was better dressed than the kings of europe at the time sir what are you talking about calling the civilization of ghana primitive only an uneducated fool would say such a thing and i know you are one so i was also suspect you call the empire of mali primitive too huh ? and the nubians yes ? pathetic

  28. You people are all fucking retarted the only good thing to ever cone out of Africa was Egypt and they were most certainly not black. Go to college and take some damn history classes.

  29. Your ass is dumb.. You obviously didn't learn shit in school.. You been deceived too.. Don't get mad.. Seems like you gotta go through that school shit again, cause we been lie to bro, and I'm white..

  30. looks like you need to go! that was the most dumbest argument of heard.. you got a long way to go… first of all in order to learn about african history you must not go to a white man for it cuz they will distort it for their convience cuz thats what was taught to them.. seek truth son! not fakery! read on Ethiopia (Nubia) the Real holy land. look up Sudan (kush)

  31. I dont even understand why u all even bother to argue wit these devils. They know africa is great, they also know the ancient kemites what they (greeks) call egypt was a product and out growth of nubia/kush and they were all nile valley civilizations. Instead of arguing with them about your history, why dont you ask them where they came from. How did they become.

  32. and if you took real history classes the ancient egyptians were actually black. egypt is right next to the sudan and has been mixed over centuries. there are still plenty of blacks in egypt to this day. go to egypt yourself and see before making your bullshit comments.

  33. actually… there is. have you actually been to egypt yourself? cause if you have, you wouldn't say such garbage. ancient egyptians were black. and like i said, there are still plenty of black egyptians and others that are mixed. the former minister of egypt was mulatto. don't believe everything the media spits out. and yes arabs were buying slaves before whites, but there was the arab slave trade also. so it wasn't just blacks

  34. @mandarinmiracle1 Arabs werent buying Anything, black people were Traders and explores to other nations we werent nobody other slave..except the white man when they came along with their guns.

  35. whatever makes you feel better… 50% of africans that emmigrate to america obtain some degree of post secondary education. and you can check if you don't believe me. so no. blacks in america don't all have menial jobs and same with in egypt. but if your white superiority compmlex lets you believe that, so be it. JUST GTFO black videos if you hate blacks. i wouldn't watch white trash videos coz i don't like white trash. so what are you doing here? responding to my comment proves my point…

  36. wow. i'm the ignorant one? if african degrees mean nothing then explain how nigeria is part of OPEC. and africans don't come to america and live on welfare. as a matter of fact, the majority of welfare recipients are white americans. furthermore, i said the africans come to america and get their education from there! check that also if you don't believe. and if watching people who you think are stupid entertains you, then you need a life! i could laugh at stupid trailer trash whites and i don't.

  37. if african degrees are useless, why would you waste time teaching at a school that isn't recognized? make sense? and i'm the one that needs to grow a brain? i've worked with tons of white people and even the ignorant ones like you don't talk nonsense about blacks people stupid. you're just a low down deadbeat whose only source of entertainment is trying to degrade blacks. well, it's not working because i know i, nor blacks in general are not stupid. but think so if it helps you sleep at night.

  38. and no it's not true that blacks are smarter when they mix with whites. i love how whites say blacks are stupid when there's the term "dumb blonde". it has scientifically been proven that skin color, race, genes, have nothing to do with intelligence and that IQ is not the only measure of intelligence. what kind of a doctor are you? that is just scary. and you're not smart because smart white people know better than to say that crap..

  39. again, what kind of doctor are you? IQ tests are culturally biased. more than 644 studies have proved that and like i said, IQ scores alone don't determine intelligence. if Africans grew up like white priviledge kids, they would test just as high. that's been proven. black people are black to protect them from the sun. so how does that make them stupid? so if blacks were in scandanavia where they'd be pale instead, you're saying then they would be intelligent? yeah..that makes sense.

  40. my dear low IQ hillbilly, why did you study in africa if it wouldn't be recognized? better yet, why teach there? and obviously there are people in every race that stand out. i could show you the amount of illerate white adults right here in america. since you're a doctor, you can do the research. the media never show that but is always on blacks convinving the world to believe that garbage, you being one.

  41. so what you're saying is more melanin equals less intelligence? so people who have more pigmentation in their skin to adapt to their environment are less intelligent? blacks are darker to protect themselves from the sun. that's been proven. how does that make them stupid? whoever gave you your medical degree should take it back. because if you think there is a negative correlation between darker skin and less intelligence, you don't have enough sense to be a doctor.

  42. Now for those who think that all blacks are stupid, you just proved how ignorant you are. If you don't believe just google Arthur De Gobineau who were a frenchman. He is known as the father of racism. He thought blackman couldn't study difficult field such as science but the poor boy time proved him wrong. You will look stupid if you judge someone just by the color of his skin. Look for Cheik Anta Diop. If he's wrong don't just say it but proved me A + B where he's wrong. Truth will prevail!

  43. so what you're saying is that lighter skin makes you more intelligent. so if europeans were raised in africa where their skin would be darker to adapt to their environment their IQ scores would be lower?
    and nigeria, angola, to name a few have numerous internationally recognized universities, that is why they get accepted in america when they come for futher studies glong with good health care and a strong economy. nigeria is rich in oil.

  44. how can white people expect anything but hate from africans. its so clear that the african is not only first man but almost everything we know can be directly trced back to africans. the things they have had to indure is ridiculous. i mean how many of u commenting have ever even heard of the african holocaust. 200 million lost. but hear virtually nothing about it ever. the contributions that africans have made are still being taught as someone elses

  45. it could have been that many

    400 years of slavery

    if 6m can die in 12 years why the fuck can't that many die in 400?

    your Egyptologists are nothing but liars – why is the sphynx's nose broken – cos they dont want anyone to see its a black face

    the southern indians were black – i'm indian and we all know that

    you've been misinformed by the babylon system but the truth is coming out

    there is most definitely something inferior about the white man – he can't live with anyone

  46. shame on you

    who the fuck do you think you're speaking to?

    its not more intelligent to concrete over the whole planet, kill all the animals, uproot the trees, contaminate the waters, bomb the planet, teach children to believe in a giant effigy of a human sacrifice

    you lot are simply the devil and the world is waking up to it

    and you think you are more intelligent – you are savages – open up a damn history book ffs

  47. Damn white folks they will holdon on that shit africans sold africans jus to make us blacks guilty nah.Black ppl will never sold their own iwill die if ican blv that.We were forced to do these things there waz no slaves in Africa the were helpers.dnt getit twisted now u slaved ma ppl and the middle east coz we were no human to u.if u african and blv that u mus b white.can u sell your bro.African is about kindness,hospitality these mtherfckaz we gave then that they study ma ppl and turn on them.

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