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“AFRI” (Short film)
“Afri-“ is first in the four part photo & film collection series, BLACK EXCELLENCE titled after the Latin name “Afri” (pl.)/ “Afer” (s.)” to describe inhabitants south of the Mediterranean. With an infusion of various African cultures, this collection is an ode to the Motherland and its diaspora of children symbolizing our ancestors prior to the “Age of Discovery” before being touched by the catastrophic phenomenon known as the Atlantic Slave Trade therefore introducing a global ideology rooted in primitive greed. This majestic piece exudes Black love, life, togetherness and the overall essence of Black beauty.

Created by: Romeiro HD @_romeiro_ & Victoria A. @divine_creativity

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Jahman Hill – “Alternative Facts For Black History Month” (NPS ’17)

Jahman Hill – “Alternative Facts For Black History Month” (NPS ’17)

DTKC Discuss #BlackExcellence

DTKC Discuss #BlackExcellence