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A Racist Just Brutally Beat A Muslim Woman Unconscious In Ohio

Yet another horrifying hate crime has been committed in the United States, once again leaving a victim beaten and bloody for standing up to the bigoted abuse of a white supremacist.

Rahma Warsame of Columbus, Ohio, was allegedly beaten unconscious last night by a white male for defending another Muslim woman from harassment, according to the Columbus chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations.

The attacker reportedly yelled “you will be all shipped back to Africa!” before brutally assaulting the Somali-American single mother, who sustained several facial fractures and lost four teeth.

Little official information is available, because the police allegedly released the perpetrator without any charges, as per witness accounts gathered by CAIR:

The woman, who reportedly intervened to protect another Muslim woman from harassment by the alleged attacker – a white male – was beaten unconscious, resulting in facial fractures and the loss of several teeth. According to the victim, the alleged attacker reportedly screamed “you all will be shipped back to Africa” prior to beating. CAIR-Columbus is her legal representative in the case.

According to witnesses, the alleged attacker was interviewed by police, but released without charge. He had reportedly made racist statements to neighbors in the recent past.

CAIR-Columbus held a press conference this afternoon in which they denounced the attack as a hate crime and demanded an investigation by the Columbus Police Department.

Activist group Yes We Can Colombus has issued a similar statement of support for Warsame.

CBS affiliate 10TV reports that the police have indeed begun an investigation into the assault.

One week ago, two men were killed and a third grievously injured by a white supremacist harassing a Muslim woman.

1,094 hate incidents were recorded in just the first month after Trump was elected. Since then, black and Muslim Americans have been harassed and attacked by white supremacists at a terrifying rate; mosques mysteriously burn down, Jewish graves are desecrated, and swastikas appear in public more and more frequently.

Racists are bolder than they have been in decades, and the signals they’re receiving from the White House all indicate that this kind of behavior will be ignored by Washington.

It falls to us, the common people, to make up for the failures of our government; to stand with our Muslim compatriots and let them know that they are welcome, valued members of our society – and that it is hate that is unwelcome in the United States.



Source: A Racist Just Brutally Beat A Muslim Woman Unconscious In Ohio

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