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7 – Death At An Early Age – Dr. Amos Wilson

The Education of Our Children


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  1. I been involved in hip hop sense the beginning and seen it evolve into legendary statue,edutainment to commercial nonsense
    that have been sold-out by the so called Godfather of Hip Hop at one time I thought that we were fighting the power and we were
    on the move, with all the money Hip Hop made we don't own anything of real power except for a song from Kanye West, not one
    High rise skyscraper in New York for real economic value to show for except a Benze, Bentley, Beamer and a few houses, L

  2. Wow, this has to be one of the most scariest videos I've seen so far. Why? This brother foretold the results of our fall back into servitude. Obama will lose and the 2nd Fall of Reconstruction will begin. Everything he lectured on so far has been accurate 100%. Damn.

  3. Damn dark latinos always wanna identify with a "damn language" (Spanish, Portuguese, French) lol, tell em brother Amos…they are Africans too. Yall better wake up. Evil European has stolen the Black Latino conciousness. SAD!

    "Things get better with time….who told you this lie!?" Where did this guy come from…he's showing me another level!

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