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2Pac 1992 Malcolm X Banquet Speech – YouTube.flv

An Inspirational Message By the 21 year old Tupac Shakur “’s not just about you taking care of your child, it’s about you taking care of these children!” ~Tupac Shakur


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  1. I'm white and it may sound strange but I empathize with the message Tupac carried through his short life to try to bring prosperity and organization for his people.. Rapping aside, he had so much heart and was so honest, he spoke the truth, and truth hurts. I believe his death was a conspiracy equal to that of MLK, and Malcom X. A truly deep, prolific, and revolutionary individual.

  2. his death was due to him association with suge knight and getting caught up with that drama. he forgot about the struggle and focused on bad boy records, etc..puff daddy was so scared he put a contract out on his life to Keffe D, a shot caller crip..and then after the fight in vegas, they retaliated.

  3. Yeah, there is so much controversy surrounding his death. However, I don't really believe Diddy put a hit out on him. Pac was so real, especially in interviews, he put fear in corporate white collar leaders in the music industry b/c he was so brutally honest and real. We will never know the true story. I'm just glad he lived in our generation. He was truly, a rose that grew from concrete.

  4. RIP! Only if the brother had a chance to right his wrongs. I respect him being a poet and speaker. I can say he was great but how many 21 year old individuals are holding there own like this nOw?

  5. His wrongs are being vindicated through his righteousness even in death.That's how powerful his message was. The more time that passes, the more his real intent is recognized. And not just recognized, but being used in action by the millions who follow his prophecy. The next step is to put the bed all the talk of his death. The why, who, what and where. It doesn't matter, and we are doing him a huge injustice to still speak of it. He chose that platform to spread truth-he died for it-as he knew he would. It's on us to continue his work. Prophets die young, then the generation carries on the prophecy, history shows us that. So let us, the living, continue the work of our generations prophet.

  6. Lord Jesus my nigga was wise. This can also be interpreted as a prophecy to whats happening now in black america(ironically in white america too) but now its not so much a race problem in the grand scheme of things as it was then. Tupac brought up something important though, in our journey to be enlightened We are forgetting where we came from which was in the streets of cultural and psychological bondage(in some ways we are GOING BACK to that) and we discriminate against our brothers and sisters who are not enlightened like we are, and in the process leave them behind as guinuea pigs to the system, only to be enlightened by those who they can identify with(the pimps and pushers)

    So they grow up with no respect for those who are so called "enlightened" or those who identify themselves as a extremely valuable individual, whether politician, athlete, Minister, etc. 2Pac also mentiones that "its not just white men thats doin this to us its BLACK" African Americans are naturally passionate and vigilant, we use those characteristics to fight oppression and become famous, be outspoken in what we are thinking and how we feel. But usually this gets out of control and we end up hurting ourselves and eachother because of our heavy pride,

    This has taken a heavy toll of this generation, ESPECIALLY other races watching black people, in our pursuit for success we get reckless and blind to our own ideololgy and end up destroying our brothers and sisters in the process, and our youth end up with no guidance, so they become arrogant and ignorant, they get spoiled and amplify the negative characteristics, and that passes on to the next generation and repeats itself. 

    The question is,Are we taking wisdom seriously, wherever it presents itself?

    Pass this video on to whomever you can

  7. This was 22 years ago and black people still ignorant – that's why I don't try to wake up niggas no more if Malcolm -Garvey -marley and tupac couldn't change the way niggas think then it's obvious shit will always be the same – They gave their life's for yall and yall still don't give a fuck – all nigga care about is being like jay z lol

  8. 2pac was a complex guy I think given his upbringing his moms being a black panther this isn't surprising but I think getting with suge altered his native and I think he embraced that thug shit to much I think he had a higher calling in life but then he got caught up in that BS and just got in deeper and deeper.

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Spiritual Warfare is REAL

Spiritual Warfare is REAL

Arabs dug up African graves & marked them

Arabs dug up African graves & marked them