20 Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Source: 20 Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid

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You may know some of the biggest offenders when it comes to foods pregnant women can’t eat. Sushi and jello shots are obviously off limits. But do you know all of the foods that an expectant mother should stay away from? New research comes out every year showing how some ingredients (including natural ones) can harm a growing fetus. So the list of no-no foods for pregnant women may be different than it was when your best friend Karen was expecting three years ago. It’s certainly not fair that you need to skip some of these foods (since you already have to stay away from wine night with the girls!) but, you can just make a Costco run after your delivery and stock up on them. Or you can make your partner eat them so you can watch…whatever floats your boat. Here are 20 foods pregnant women should avoid.

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