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1 – Black Male and Female Relationships – Dr. Naim Akbar

Black Male and Female Relationships


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  1. Dr. Akbar has a great influence upon me when I was a teenager. His delivery got my attention. He was able to deliver knowledge at any level necessary depending on who was sitting in front of him. I was inspired to find some of his videos today and was hoping that some would be on YouTube. Thank you VERY MUCH for posting!

  2. @YahSedQanu This is universally true, not just for blacks. Gender has been understood by the feminist movement to be an integrated system since the sixties.

    However, to maintain the system it has been necessary to conceal from its participants its true nature. If they realized the unity of the genders, a lot of the hostility and posturing and meaningless vanity would disappear.

  3. @OMalone11 mmmm whats the deal with the agressive "dumb unedu'd african"? and really 19 years old from the UK … *gasps* really? Okay well where do you see me link this to modern understanding of men/women hood, In fact I am one of the first to acknowledge that the whole ancient principle has vanished and in turn we have a debased society basing principles of feminity on Popular culture which changes like we change undies…

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